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The Maine Event

Spike Gillespie's The Maine Event

In late September, 2011, Spike and her partner, Warren, set out on what was supposed to be a straightforward Texas-to-Maine excursion. Instead, thanks to myriad factors beyond their control, the trip turns into an adventure resembling a cross between Gilligan's Island and a reality show where pairs of travelers race the clock and each other to reach their destination, growing increasingly frantic as they go. Adding to the high jinks of this journey: ongoing gender, cultural, and attitude differences between Spike and Warren, which at some turns provide pant-peeing hilarity, and in other moments foster intricate revenge fantasies. In other words, two people stuck together 24-7, accidentally proving the theory that everyone needs alone time sometimes.

Quilting Art: Inspiration, Ideas & Innovative Work from 20 Contemporary Quilters

Spike Gillespie's Quilting Art: Inspiration, Ideas & Innovative Work from 20 Contemporary Quilters

Quilting is a craft, rich with tradition and homespun, practical applications. But it's also an art--which, with needle, thread, fabric, and an idea, can give us a new way of looking at, and wrapping ourselves in, the world. This book profiles twenty American practitioners of that art, quilters whose fascinating, innovative work takes the craft one step further and makes it into something new. These remarkable quilters describe their inspiration and methods and show us several examples of their best work. Among them are Jeanne Williamson, a celebrated mixed-media journal quilter; Pam Rubert, whose large-scale quilts showcase her humor; Loretta Bennett, the youngest of the beloved Gee's Bend quilters; Boo Davis, a hip crafter who pieces together quilts with heavy-metal themes; Susan Else, who constructs whimsical quilted sculptures; Ai Kijima, a Brooklyn-based artist influenced by Japanese anime; and Jane Burch Cochran, whose folk-art quilts feature thousands of beads and buttons. Through personal conversations with the quilters, author Spike Gillespie gives us an inside, in-depth look at what inspires each, what methods they use, and how their art has evolved. Along with these close-up views of the quilter's studio and process, each profile features firsthand tips and inspirational advice. Quilting Art serves as an idea book for quilters, as well as a gorgeous representation of the quilter's art.

Quilts Around the World: The Story of Quilting from Alabama to Zimbabwe

Spike Gillespie's Quilts Around the World: The Story of Quilting from Alabama to Zimbabwe

This essential book for all quilters and quilt collectors tells the fascinating story of quilting around the world, illuminated by the international quilt community's top experts and more than 300 glorious color photographs. Covering Japan, China, Korea, and India; England, Ireland, France, and The Netherlands; Australia, Africa, Central America, North America, and beyond, Quilts Around the World explores both the diversity and common threads of quilting. Discover Aboriginal patchwork from Australia, intricate Rallis from the Middle East, Amish and Hawaiian quilts from the United States, Sashiko quilts from Japan, vivid Molas from Central America, and art quilts from every corner of the globe. Also included are twenty patchwork and applique patterns to use in your own quilt projects, inspired by designs from the world's most striking quilts.

Quilty as Charged: Undercover in a Material World

Spike Gillespie's Quilty as Charged

"Gillespie-freelance journalist, avid knitter, novice quilter-has produced a crazy quilt in praise of the million Americans who devote endless hours to creating bedcovers or works of art from small pieces of fabric. Stitched together from her own discovery of the world of competitive quilting at the 2002 International Quilt Festival in Houston and her interviews with a spectrum of quilters, embellished with the frequent sewing pun, the book combines the exuberance of quilters with illustrations of some of their creations."

   -Reed Business Information

Pissed Off: On Women and Anger

Spike Gillespie's Pissed Off: On Women and Anger

"Spike Gillespie's brave and unflinching examination of her own history of hot-headedness reveals female rage in all its forms: from the justified, to the ugly, to the downright embarrassing. Forget meditation; reading these daringly honest accounts of anger gone wild - which inspire both recognition as well as repulsion - are enough to make a girl downright serene."

   -Debbie Stoller, editor BUST magazine

Surrender (But Don't Give Yourself Away)

Spike Gillespie's Surrender (But Don't Give Yourself Away)

"Spike Gillespie is beautiful, charming, and funny. She told me to write that. It's also true, especially the funny part. Some of us are just a lot more alive than others, and Spike is one of those people who lives at 90 m.p.h. while experiencing everything that happens to her with an intensity that is either painful or hilarious, but usually both. If you can imagine Anne Lamott as a working-class kid from Jersey with a penchant for losers, you have an idea of Spike..."

   -Molly Ivins, nationally syndicated political columnist

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All The Wrong Men and One Perfect Boy

Spike Gillespie's All The Wrong Men and One Perfect Boy

"At once shocking and familiar, All The Wrong Men and One Perfect Boy is a heartbreaking story about breaking the cycle of abuse and making family from scratch. Spike Gillespie is a goddess-send."

   -Ariel Gore, editor of Hip Mama magazine